Lesson 44 - Health - Video(part3)

The Importance of Sleep

Exercise 1

Ссылка - https://learningapps.org/display?v=prar3fiqc18

Match the word with its definition

Exercise 2

Ссылка - https://learningapps.org/display?v=p4wiktnhn18

Replace the underlined word or phrase with words or phrase with the same meaning

Exercise 3

Answer the questions

- What time do you usually go to bed?
- Do you manage to sleep as much as you need? If not, why not?
- Are you a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper?
- Do you ever oversleep?
- Do you need an alarm clock to wake up?
- Do you remember your dreams?
- Do you suffer from nightmares? Can you remember any specific nightmare?
- Have you ever walked in your sleep? Do you know anyone who does?

Exercise 4

Watch the video till 2.31 and choose if the statement correct or wrong

Ссылка - https://learningapps.org/display?v=prgvgm33c18

Exercise 5

Continue watching the video till 4:30 and choose the most suitable variant.

Ссылка - https://learningapps.org/display?v=p9g9ozcta18

Exercise 6

Put the parts into the correct order and answer the questions

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Ссылка 2 - https://learningapps.org/display?v=p7inaoa4j18

Ссылка 3 - https://learningapps.org/display?v=pfqqtfui518

Ссылка 4 - https://learningapps.org/display?v=ptp00iobj18

Ссылка 5 - https://learningapps.org/display?v=pi65uy3da18