Lesson 45 - ilnesses - Grammar(part2)

Exercise 1

Indirect questions


Special questions

He asked (me)

He wanted to know

He wondered

"What are you doing?

“Where do you live?”

"Where does he work?”

"What is Nick doing?”

“What have you prepared for today?"

When did you come home yesterday?”

“When will your mother come home?”

what I was doing.

where I lived.

where he worked.

what Nick was doing.

what I had prepared for that day.

when I had come home the day before.

when my mother would come home.

General questions

He asked (me)

He wanted to know

He wondered

“Are you watching TV?”

“Do you play chess?"

“Does she go to school?”

“Are you listening to me?”

“Have you done your homework?"

“Did you skate last winter?”

“Will you see your friend tomorrow?”



     I was watching TV.

I played chess.

She went to school.
I was listening to him.

I had done my homework.

I had skated the winter before.

I should see my friend the next day.


Exercise 2

Передайте следующие специальные вопросы в косвенной речи.

1. Mother said to me: “Who has brought this parcel?”
2. He said to her: “Where do you usually spend your summer holidays?”
3. Ann said to Mike: “When did you leave London?”
4. She said to Boris: “When will you be back home?”
5. Boris said to them: “How can I get to the railway station?”
6. Mary asked Tom: “What time will you come here tomorrow?”
7. She asked me: “Why didn’t you come here yesterday?”
8. She asked me: “What will you do tomorrow if you are not busy at your office?”
9. I said to Nick: “Where are you going?”
10. I said to him: “How long are you going to stay there?”
11. I said to him: “How long will it take you to get there?”
12. Pete said to his friends: “When are you leaving St. Petersburg?”
13. He said to them: “Who will you see before you leave here?”
14. They said to him: “What time does the train start?”
15. I asked Mike: “What will you do after dinner?”
16. I asked my uncle: “How long did you stay in the Crimea?”
17. Ada said to me: “Where did you see such trees?”
18. I said to Becky: “What kind of book has your friend brought you?”

Exercise 3

Передайте следующие специальные вопросы в косвенной речи, начиная каждое предложение со слов, данных в скобках.

1. Where did I put the book? (I forgot...)
2. Who has given you this nice kitten? (She wanted to know...)
3. Where can I buy an English-Russian dictionary? (He asked me...)
4. How long will it take your brother to get to Madrid? (He wondered...)
5. Where is he going? (He didn’t tell anybody...)
6. Where has he gone? (Did you know...)
7. Where is he? (Did you know...)
8. When is he leaving school? (I wanted to know...)
9. Where does he live? (Nobody knew...)
10. When will he come back? (She asked them...)
11. Where did she buy this hat? (He wanted to know...)
12. How much did she pay for it? (I had no idea...)

Exercise 4

Передайте следующие общие вопросы в косвенной речи.

1. I said to Mike: “Have you packed your suitcase?”
2. I said to Kate: 'Did anybody meet you at the station?”
3. I said to her: “Can you give me their address?”
4. I asked Tom: “Have you had breakfast?”
5. I asked my sister: “Will you stay at home or go for a walk after dinner?”
6. I said to my mother: “Did anybody come to see me?"
7. I asked my sister: “Will Nick call for you on the way to school?”
8. She said to the young man: “Can you call a taxi for me?”
9. Mary said to Peter: “Have you shown your photo to Dick?”
10. Oleg said to me: “Will you come here tomorrow?”
11. He said to us: “Did you go to the museum this morning?”
12. I said to Boris: “Does your friend live in London?”
13. I said to the man: “Are you living in a hotel?”
14. Nick said to his friend: “Will you stay at the “Hilton”?”
15. He said to me: “Do you often go to see your friends?”
16. He said to me “Will you see your friends before you leave St. Petersburg?”
17. Mike said to Jane: “Will you come to the railway station to see me off?”
18. She said to me: “Have you sent them a telegram?”
19. She said to me: “Did you send them a telegram yesterday?”

Exercise 5

Восстановите прямую речь в следующих предлoжениях.

1. I asked him if the doctor had given him some medicine.
2. I asked the man how long he had been in St. Petersburg.
3. I asked him if he was going to a health resort.
4. We asked the girl if her father was still in Moscow.
5. I asked the girl what sort of work her father did.
6. I asked if they had taken the sick man to hospital.
7. I asked my friend if he had a headache.
8. I wanted to know when he had fallen ill.
. I wondered if he had taken his temperature.
10. I asked him if he was feeling better now.

Exercise 6

Передайте следующие предложения в косвенной речи.

1. “Why are you shouting, man?'' said Prince John to Locksley. “What is your name?"
2. “Who has read “Ivanhoe”?” asked the teacher. “Whom was it written by?"
3. One of the pupils asked the teacher of literature: “What novels shall we read next year?”
4. “Is the river Volga in Russia'' asked the Frenchman.
5. "Are you playing volleyball, girls?” said Ann. ''I did not know that you liked it.”
6. "Don’t touch these photographs," said Peter to us. ''They are still wet, and you may spoil them.”
7. “Does your friend often come here, boys?'' said Fred. “I want to speak to him.”
8. “How did you manage to solve this difficult problem in such a short time?" said my friend to me.
9. The teacher said to us: “You will write a paper tomorrow.”
10. “I saw a new film yesterday,” said Kate to Nick. “Did you like it?" asked Nick.

Exercise 7

Восстановите прямую речь в следующих предложениях.

1. Mary wondered if Jane would be busy the next day.
2. Tom asked if Jane would come to the Philharmonic with him.
3. John asked Mary if she was afraid of thunderstorm.
4. He asked her if she had ever walked in rainy weather.
5. Mary told John that she preferred sunny days.
6. The woman asked her son if he was in a hurry.
7. Ann asked if they would go to the country the next day.
8. Kate asked her friend what she liked to do on her days off.
9. I asked the secretary if I might speak to the headmistress.
10. Nick wanted to know if Helen would give him her book.
11. Jane asked at what time he was planning to go.
12. Tom said that it would take them long to get there.
13. Jane asked where they would meet.

Exercise 8

Восстановите прямую речь в следующих предложениях.

1. I asked my aunt if she was going to her hometown for the holidays.
2. He told me that he hadn’t been able to ring me up in time.
3. He asked his classmates to wait for him.
4. He asked her if anyone else knew about his arrival.
5. I asked him when he would take his last examination.
6. He asked me if I had taken part in the football match.
7. She asked me where 1 lived.
8. He said that he had joined a sports society.
9. He told me that he had seen my brother the day before.
10. She asked me to hurry up.