Lesson 45 - Ilnesses - Reading(part3)

Exercise 1

Answer the following questions.

- What's your favourite smell?
- What smell makes your mouth water?

Exercise 2

Talk about these topics or words from the article. What will the article say about them? What can you say about these words and your life?

doctors / ban / hospitals / smells / cigarette smoke / dangers / environments / patients / physically / serious / concern / attractive / evidence / vulnerable / sensitivities

Exercise 3

Rank these. Put the best at the top.

• fresh coffee
• flowers
• burning wood
• caramel
• freshly baked bread
• freshly ironed shirts
• freshly cut grass
• perfume

Exercise 4

Ссылка - https://learningapps.org/display?v=p9ourxmoc18

Read the text. Fill in the gabs using given words

Exercise 5

Ссылка - https://learningapps.org/display?v=p9jm7fvd318

Read the headline. Choose if a-h below are true (T) or false (F).

Exercise 6

Ссылка - https://learningapps.org/display?v=pnegox9gn18

Match the following synonyms from the article.

Exercise 7

Ссылка - https://learningapps.org/display?v=pssxpp45318

Choose the best suitable answer.

Exercise 8

Answer the following questions.

- What kind of policy did the doctors say hospitals should have?
- What proportion of us are physically affected by artificial scents?
- What did the doctors say scents could do to a patient's condition?