Lesson 46 - Health test - Speaking(part3)


Exercise 1

There are some pictures suggesting ways to keep healthy. Discuss how important you find each of these aspects, and then choose three which you will reccomend to your friend.

Exercise 2

Answer the questions

- How often do you walk more than a kilometre? (every day, once a week, once or twice a week, very rarely, never)

- When was the last time you took any form of physical exercise? (yesterday, last week, last month, a long time ago, I can’t remember )

- Tick any of the following activities that you do regularly:
•Watching TV
•Playing team games (football, basketball)
•Watching team games
•Playing computer games
•Surfing the net
•Walking in the countryside
•Listening to music in your room
•Playing outside / in the garden / in the street
•Going to a gym
•Messaging your friends

- Can you calculate the number of hours you spend on the activities per day or per week? (e.g. I spend 2 hours a day cycling to school and one hour a day watching TV).
• Which of the activities in the questionnaire might be good for your heart?
• Which activities can be called sedentary?
• Give other examples of sedentary activities.

Exercise 3

Ask students to think about their grandparents and their lifestyle when they were younger. Ask them to discuss the following sentences:

- Compare your grandparents’ eating habits with your own.
- Compare your grandparents’ free time activities with your own.
- Compare your grandparents’ social relationships with your own.

Exercise 4

Show the film and ask students to notice any differences in the lifestyles shown in the ad. You can stop the video and ask your students to comment the video.

- Did your grandparents move more, eat better and take it more easily than you?
- Do you think the advert raises awareness of the benefits of a balanced diet and active, healthy lifestyle?