Lesson 52 - Weather - Grammar(part2)


Exercise 1

Put the verbs in the brackets into Active or Passive Voice.

1. Nobody (to see) him yesterday.
2. The telegram (to receive) tomorrow.
3. He (to give) me this book next week.
4. The answer to this question can (to find) in the encyclopedia.
5. We (to show) the historical monuments of the capital to the delegation tomorrow.
6. You can (to find) interesting information about the life in the USA in this book.
7. They (to build) new hospitals in the provinces.
8. New petrol station (to complete) by winter.
9. Our managers (to discuss) important matters every Tuesday.
10. A new hotel (to open) next week.

Exercise 2

Transform from Passive into Active Voice.

1. Return tickets should have been reserved two weeks ago.
2. Two single rooms had been booked for the friends by their travel agent.
3. The pyramids are being ruined by the tourists.
4. The new sofa will have been delivered by noon.
5. When will Molly be told the time of his arrival?
6. Why hasn’t my car been repaired yet?
7. An ancient settlement has been uncovered by archaeologists.
8. Hundreds of rare birds are killed every day.
9. The picnic was ruined by bad weather.
10. Who were these roses planted for?

Exercise 3


Exercise 4