Lesson 57 - Free time - Grammar(part2)



● Did you win every game?
● I won every game!
● I did very well in my tennis match, but I did not win every point.
● You didn’t win every point, did you? That’s almost impossible!

● Some of the people who were watching the match left early, but some people stayed until the end.
● I watched some of the French Open matches yesterday, but I did not see all of them.
● Did you spend some time watching tennis yesterday?
● Can we have some more tennis balls, please?
● Would you like to play some tennis this week?

● I do not have any ping pong paddles.
● Did you bring any tennis balls?
● She doesn’t have any tennis shoes with her, so she can’t play with us.
● Do you see any people using the ping-pong tables?

● I won no games yesterday. = I did not win any games yesterday.
● Question: How did your games go? Reply: None of them went well.
● None of my friends play tennis.
● I have no friends that play tennis.
● Question: Are there any rackets on sale? Reply: No, there are none on sale.

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