Lesson 60 - Free Time - Speaking(part3)


One minute talk challenge.
Students pick a card and have to talk on the topic for 1 minute.

Exercise 1

Two-minute talk challenge:
Here are some quotes on music from famous people:

Exercise 2

Study the opinion below and try to guess the meaning:

1. "I like the new Madonna hit. It has a catchy melody."
2. "Their latest single always gets me in an energetic mood. It has a fast tempo."
3. "I can't stand the new Ricky Martin song. It's very cheesy."
4. "I never get bored of listening to Yesterday by the Beatles. It's a timeless classic."
5. "I used to listen to this song a lot in my childhood. It brings back memories."
6. "They were playing the song in every bar, cafe and nightclub. It was a smash hit."

Exercise 3

Which expression describes a song that ...

1. never goes out of fashion?
2. tries too hard to be emotional and is not very original?
3. is very memorable and makes you repeat the tune in your head all the time?
4. is unusually successful and popular everywhere?
5. has an energetic beat?
6. is nostalgic?

Exercise 4


Exercise 5



Exercise 6

Listen to the song one more time but this time with the lyrics and check yourself:


Exercise 7

Reading Comprehension

1) What does the song talks about?
2) What’s is the most used verb tense ? Give examples.
3) Can you see adjectives on the song? If so, say 2 examples.
4) Tell 2 places you can identify on the lyrics.
5) Say 3 examples of adverbs of time.
6) What verb is in past tense?
7) Say the only example in present perfect tense.
8)According to the father's words, where is the singer's home?
9) And for you? Where is your home?
10) What do you think of the song? Do you like it?

Exercise 8

Do you agree with the statement that music can unite the world. Watch the great example of it: