Lesson 61 - Free time - Grammar(part2)


Step 1

Must, have to, should, to be to

Must (должен)

Have to (вынужден)

I have to go there. (вынужден)
I had to go there. (пришлось)
I will have to go there. (придется)
I don't have to go there. (не надо)
I didn't have to go there. (не пришлось)
I won`t have to go there. (не придется)
Do you have to go there? (надо?)
Did you have to go there? (пришлось?)
Will you have to go there? (придется?)

To be to

(необходимость по договоренности, плану или приказу)
I am to go there. — должен, предстоит, (договорились, или такое расписание)
I was to go there — предстояло

Should\ Ought to (следует)

Exercise 1


Exercise 2

Complete the sentences using have to/ has to/ had to

1) Bill starts work at 5 a.m. ______ at four. (he/ get up)
2) ‘I broke my arm last week.’ ‘_____ to hospital?’ (you/ go)
3) Karen can`t stay for the whole meeting. ________early. (she/ leave)
4) I don`t have much time. ________. (I/ hurry)
5) Does Paul like his new job? ______ a lot? (he/ travel)
6) ‘I`m afraid I can`t stay long.’ ‘What time _______?’ (you/ go)
7) There was nobody to help me. I ______ everything by myself. (I/ do)

Exercise 3


Exercise 4

Transform the sentences without changing the meaning. Use modal verb should

1) ‘ I think it would be a good idea to see a specialist,’ the doctor said to me.
The doctor recommended that _______________.
2) ‘You really must stay a little longer,’ she said to me.
She insisted that _______________.
3) ‘Why don`t you visit the museum after lunch?’ I said to them.
I suggested that _____________.
4) ‘You must pay the rent by Friday’, the landlord said to us.
The landlord demanded that __________ .
5) ‘Why don`t you go away for a few days?’ Jack said to me.
Jack suggested that __________.

Exercise 5


Exercise 6

Translate the sentences

1) Дети должны ходить в школу с понедельника по пятницу.
2) Ты должен быть пунктуален! Не опаздывай!
3) Я вынужден вас покинуть, увидимся завтра.
4) Мне не нужно было вчера рано вставать.
5) Тебе следует помочь твоей сестре – она несет тяжелые сумки.
6) Тебе не следует ходить гулять ночью! Это небезопасно.
7) Согласно расписанию поезд должен приехать в 3 часа. Увидимся на вокзале!
8) Нам нужно сегодня покупать хлеб? – Нет, не нужно, еще немного есть.