Lesson 63 - Free time - Vocabulary(part1)




Exercise 1

Look at the big picture. Answer the questions.

1. Where is the man in the red swimming costume sitting?
2. How many people are there in the foreground?
3. Are the boats in the foreground or the background?
4. Are the men sitting in the shade?
5. Is the dog in the bottom left-hand corner?
6. Can you see the dog's shadow?
7. Is the picture a drawing or a painting?
8. On which side of the picture is the boy in the river?
9. Are the colors dark or bright?
10. On which side is the man wearing the light-colored hat?

Exercise 2


Exercise 3


Exercise 4


Exercise 5


Exercise 6

Answer the questions.

1. Are you interested in photography? If so why?
2. What kind of camera have you got?
3. What features does it have?
4. What kind of problems do you have when you take pictures?
5. Describe your favorite painting. Who painted it?
6. Do you know when it was painted?
7. What does the painting illustrate?
8. What do you like about the painting?
9. Do you do any drawing or painting yourself? If so, what do you paint or draw?