Lesson 63 - Free time - Grammar(part2)


Exercise 1


Exercise 2


Exercise 3

Complete the sentences using the words in bold

1) I`m completely soaked! We _______ an umbrella.
should/ taken
2) I`ve lost my bag. I think ________.
must/ lost
3) It`s a shame we didn`t go on holiday. We ______ fun.
could/ had
4) I did badly in the test. I ______ harder.
should/ studied
5) The cat doesn’t like fruit. It _______ .
can`t/ orange
6) I forgot Kate`s birthday. I _______ a present.
should/ bought

Exercise 4

Correct the sentences

1) Susan may to know the address.
2) We ought be careful.
3) I was able finishing all my work.
4) You must had had a terrible experience when you stayed at that hotel.
5) Nancy couldn`t have being at work yesterday, she had a day off.
6) You might not have receive my message last weekend.
7) The report has to be on my desk yesterday, but you haven`t done it yet.
8) When I was a child I can swim well.
9) You should had called us when you were in our city.