Lesson 64 - Free time - Vocabulary(part1)


1. Do you consider graffiti to be an art or an act of vandalism?
2. Can music heal?
3. Which kind of art is rapidly developing these days?

Exercise 1

One word is missing from each sentence. Where from?

cultural, editor, pension, made, journalist, claims, headline

1. I a promise to help her, so I will do it.
2. I enjoy all sorts of events, such as exhibition and concerts.
3. I think he must receive a because he's nearly 70.
4. I saw a strange newspaper the other day: «Man bites dog».
5. She's in charge of the local newspaper; I believe she's been the for three years.
6. The government that it can cut crime by 20 per cent this year, but I don't believe it.
7. My cousin's a newspaper; he writes articles about current affairs.

Exercise 2


Exercise 3


Exercise 4


Exercise 5