Lesson 67 - Nature - Grammar(part2)


Exercise 1


Exercise 2

Transform the sentences using participles.

Example: Because she was tired, Katie went to bed. Being tired, Katie went to bed.

1. He was sitting in the garden and he was drinking his tea.
2. After Janet had made dinner, she called the children.
3. The boy who is standing by the door is my brother.
4. Simon cut his hand while he was chopping some wood.
5. Donna had a shower before she went to bed.
6. Because we were late, we took a taxi.
7. Gary opened the window and breathed the fresh air.
8. She was lying on her bed and she was reading a book.
9. The jewels which were taken by the thieves were very valuable.
10. Amy picked up her pen and started to write the letter.

Exercise 3


Exercise 4

Open the brackets using participles.

1. (to do) his homework, he was thinking hard.
2. (to do) his homework, he went for a walk.
3. (to sell) fruit, he looked back from time to time, hop¬ing to see his friends.
4. (to sell) all the fruit, he went to see his friends.
5. (to eat) all the potatoes, she drank a cup of tea.
6. (to drink) tea, she scald¬ed her lips.
7. (to run) in the yard, I fell and hurt my knee.
8. (to look) through some magazines, I came across an interesting article about UFOs.
9. (to write) out and (to learn) all the new words, he was able to translate the text easily.
10. (to talk) to her neighbor in the street, she did not no¬tice how a thief stole her money.