Lesson 74 - Shopping - Grammar(part2)


Exercise 1

Change complex sentences into sentences with the Complex Object.

1.I did not expect that she would forget about my birthday.
2. She saw how the children were playing in the park.
3. Do you know that he went abroad two days ago?
4. I like to watch how she dances.
5. She could hardly I believe that he had been rescued.
6. He expects that everybody will be ready to do this work.
7. I don't like when the children are late for dinner.
8. Don't consider that he is a hero. He is an ordinary man.
9. I've heard how he was arguing with his father.
10. I suspect that he has taken my money.
11. She likes to watch how the sun sets.
12. I hate when people shout at each other.
13. They suppose that he will cope with this work.
14. I've heard how she was crying.
15. We expect that he will solve this problem soon.

Exercise 2


Exercise 3

Open the brackets and use the proper form of the Complex Object.

1. Where is Nick? — I saw (he, talk) to Kate a few minutes ago.
2. Parents always want (their children, be) the best.
3. I wouldn't like (such valuable presents, give) to me.
4. I noticed (he, write) something and (pass) it to Alice.
5. We suppose (they, apologize) to us.
6. She watched (the stars, sparkle) in the dark sky.
7. I did not expect (he, behave) in such a way.
8. We don't want (our planet, pollute).
9. I heard (he, work) in his study at night.
10. They expected (he, buy) a more expensive car.

Exercise 4