Lesson 76 - Phrasal Verbs - Speaking


Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Look at the picture and choose, which of the following is shown in the picture? Discuss what your family and you spend your money on. You are welcome to use your own ideas. Use the key words listed bellow

Exercise 3

Exercise 4

Imagine that government wants to spend money on improving some facilities at schools. Look at the pictures and discuss what things you think are the most important to improve. Use the language showen bellow.

Exercise 5

Play a game «Name items»

1. Name 3 items you try on while buying.
2. Name 3 items you try out while buying.
3. Name 5 shop chains in your country.
4. Name 3 items people can buy in an off-license.
5. Name 5 goods that are weighed while buying.
6. Name 3 cheapest goods.
7. Name 3 most expensive goods.
8. Name 3 household goods.
9. Name 3 confectionery goods.
10. Name 3 stationery goods.