Lesson 78 - Crime - Grammar(part2)


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Exercise 3

Complete the sentences with the word given (school etc.(. Use the where necessary.

1 (school)
a Every term parents are invited to _________ to meet the teachers.
b Why aren't your children at _________ today? Are they ill?
c When he was younger Ted hated _________.
d What time does _________ usually start in the mornings in your country?
m A: How do your children get home from _________ ? By bus?
e B: No, they walk _________ isn't very far.
f What sort of job does Jenny: want to do when she leaves _________.
There were some people waiting outside _________ to meet their children.
2 (university)
a In your country do many people go to _________?
b If you want to get a degree, you normally have to study at _________.
c This is only a small town, but _________ is one of the biggest in the country.
3 (hospital)
a My brother has always been very healthy. He's never been in _________
b When Ann was ill, I went to _________ to visit her. When I was there,
I met Lisa who is a nurse at
c Peter was injured in an accident and was kept it _________ for a few days.
4 (church)
a John's mother is a regular churchgoer. She goes to _________ every Sunday.
b John himself doesn't go to _________
c John went to _________ to take some photographs of the building.
5 (prison)
a In some places people are in __________because of their political beliefs.
b A few days ago the fire brigade were called to ___________ to put out a fire.
с The judge decided to fine the man £500 instead of sending him to ____________.
6 (home/work/bed)
a I like to read in ____________ before I go to sleep.
b It's nice to travel around, but there's no place like ‎______________!
c Shall we meet after ‎____________tomorrow evening?
d If I'm feeling tired, I go to __________early.
e What time do you usually start _____________ in the morning?
f The economic situation was very bad. Many people were out of _____________.
7 (sea)
a There's a nice view from the window. You can see _________.
b It was a long voyage. We were at ¬¬___________for four weeks.
c I love swimming in ___________.

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