Lesson 80 - Crime - Grammar(part2)


Exercise 1


Exercise 2

Some of these sentences are correct, but some need the (sometimes more than once). Correct the sentences where necessary.

1 Everest was first climbed in 1953.
2 Milan is in north of Italy.
3 Africa is much larger than Europe.
4 Last year I visited Mexico and United States.
5 South of England is warmer than north.
6 Portugal is in western Europe.
7 France and Britain are separated by Channel.
8 Jim has travelled a lot in Middle East.
9 Chicago is on Lake Michigan.
10 Next year we're going skiing in Swiss Alps.
11 UK consists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
12 Seychelles are a group of islands in Indian Ocean.
13 Africa's highest mountain is Kilimanjaro (5895 meters).
14 River Volga flows into Caspian Sea.

Exercise 3

Choose the correct form, with or without the.

1 Have you ever been (to British Museum/ the British Museum)?
2 (Hyde Park / The Hide Park) is a very large park in central London.
3 Another park in central London is (St James’s Park / the St James’s Park).
4 (Grand Hotel / The Grand Hotel)is in (Baker Street / the Baker Street).
5 (Dublin Airport / The Dublin Airport) s situated about 12 kilometers from the city center.
6 Frank is a student at (Liverpool University / the Liverpool University).
7 If you're looking fora department store, I would recommend (Harriman / the Harrison's)
8 If you're looking for a place to have lunch, I would recommend (Shipp Inn/the Shipp Inn)
9 (Statue of Liberty / The Statue of Liberty) is at the entrance to (New York Harbour / the New York Harbour.)
10 You should go to (Science Museum/ the Science Museum.) It's very interesting.
11 John works for (IBM/the IBM) now. He used to work for (British Telecom / the British Telecom.)
12 `Which cinema are you going to this evening?' ('Classic / The Classic.')
13 I'd like logo to China and see (Great Wall / the Great Wall.)
14 'Which newspaper do you read?' ('Herald /The Herald.’)

Exercise 4


Exercise 5

Put in a/an or the where necessary. Leave the space empty if the sentence is already complete.

1 _________ tennis is my favourite sport. I play once or twice_________ week if I can, but I'm not _________very good player.
2 I won't be home for _________dinner this evening. I'm meeting some friends after_________ work and we're going to _________ cinema.
3 _________ unemployment is increasing at the moment and it's getting difficult for_________ people to find _________work.
4 There was _________ accident as I was going_________ home last night. Two people were taken to _________ hospital. I think_________ most accidents are caused by _________ people driving too fast.
5 Carol is _________ economist. She used to work in_________ investment department of _________ Lloyds Bank. Now she works for_________ American bank in_________ United States.
6 A: What's name of _________ hotel where you're staying? B: It's in_________ Queen Street in _________ city centre. It's near _________ station.
7 I have two brothers. _________ older one is training to be _________ pilot with_________ British Airways. _________ younger one is still at_________ school. When he leaves _________ school, he wants to go to_________ university to study_________ law.