Lesson 2 - Relationships - Grammar(part2)


Exercise 1


Exercise 2

Open the brackets using Past Simple or Past Perfect

1. Jane ____ (not see) the lunch that her mum ____ (make) for her, because the dog ____ (eat) it all up.
2. John ____ (miss) his school bus this morning, because his mum ____ (forget) to wake him up.
3. My lunch ____ (be) cold because mum ____ (make) it for me earlier.
4. After the young boy ____ (walk) for miles he ____ (be) very tired.
5. Tom ____ (say) that he ____ (see) a robber walk into the bank.
6. After John ____ (see) the film, he ____ (go) home.
7. I went to the box office at lunch-time, but they (already, sell) ____ all the tickets.
8. We didn't really want to go and see the musical again. We ____ (already see) it twice - so we said "no" and we went to a restaurant instead!

Exercise 3

Open the brackets using Past Continuous or Past Perfect Continuous

1. I was exhausted at the end of the exam. I ____ (write) for over two hours.
2. Please step out of the car, Mr. Jones. Do you realise you ____ (drive) at over 90mph?
3. I arrived over an hour late to the office and everyone was working. Actually, they ____ (work) for over two hours on the new project and I felt really guilty.
4. The kitchen was full of steam when we arrived. Joan was in the kitchen and she ____ (cook) a huge meal for everyone at the party.
5. It was a bit embarrassing to arrive at their house and find Mary looking so sad. I think she ____ (cry) before we got there.
6. No one even noticed when I got home. They ____ (all watch) the big game on TV.

Exercise 4

Put the verbs into correct past tenses

1) A plumber (come) ____ to our house yesterday.
2) He (want) ____ to repair our washing machine that (break) ____ a few days before.
3) Before he (ring) ____ at my door, he (look) ____ for a parking space for about ten minutes.
4) While the plumber (repair) ____ the washing machine, I (watch) ____ the news.
5) Suddenly, I (realise) ____ that they (show) ____ our street on TV.
6) The reporter (say) ____ that a car (crash) ____ into a stop sign just before reaching the crossroads.
7) While I (listen) ____ carefully to what (happen) ____ , someone (knock) ____ at my door.
8) I (open) ____ the door and (see) ____ a police officer standing there.
9) He (ask) ____ for the plumber.
10) As it (turn) ____ out, it (be) ____ our plumber’s car that (roll) ____ down the street.
11) In his haste, the plumber (forget) ____to put the handbrake on.

Exercise 5