Lesson 11 - Places and City - Grammar(part2)


Exercise 1

Cross out the expressions which cannot be used with the nouns

1. We have several/a great number of/many/a large amount of/a small quantity of people to our wedding.
2. We need plenty of/several/a little/ a couple of/ a small amount of sugar to make this cake.
3. There was hardly any/plenty of/several/a few/a couple of food in the fridge.
4. A large number of/Very little/Some/Both/A good deal of students attend last night’s meeting.
5. He always adds a large amount of/a great number of/lots of/a couple of/too much salt to his food.
6. They earn few/several/a great deal of/hardly any/little money.
7. We have a little, many, plenty of, some, a large quantity of chairs. We can all sit down.

Exercise 2


Exercise 3


Exercise 4


Exercise 5


Exercise 6

If necessary, correct these sentences. If they are already correct, put a S.

1 All the children didn't come.
2 Many, if none of the students, could speak English fluently.
3 Almost all his spare time is spent working in the garden.
4 Both of us didn't speak again until we had reached home.
5 Everything depends on the last match of the football season.

Exercise 7


Exercise 8

Complete these sentences in the most appropriate way using no + noun, none of + the + noun, or none + 'no noun'. Choose from the nouns below.
alternative, arguments, author, books,
children, expense, solution, witnesses.

1 ___________ had actually seen Jones fire the gun.
2 When their teacher stood on his chair, ___________ could understand what was happening.
3 The Democrats won a few seats in the south of the country, but ___________ in the north.
4 Changing jobs was ___________ to her problems.
5 'Do I really have to go and stay with Aunt Agatha?' 'Yes, I'm sorry, but there is ___________.
6 When she was asked what costs were involved, she replied,' ___________ at all.'
7 Many people have tried to persuade me to go into politics, but ___________ has made me change my mind.
8 Once there were five banks along the main street, but now there are ___________.
9 ___________ has won the prize more than twice.
10 When I looked along the shelves, ___________ seemed particularly interesting.
11 Of the ten most popular films this year, ___________ was produced in Britain.
12 ___________ was spared to complete the building on time.