Lesson 24a - What Your Body Does - Reading



Do you listen to everything that happens around you? Or do you try to ignore sounds?

Exercise 1


Exercise 2


Discuss any of the questions below.

1. What makes listening skills of people unique?
2. Why intention is important in listening?
3. What does the lack of listening lead to? What can happen without a conscious listening?

Exercise 3


Discuss any of the questions below.

1. Do you think that people don't listen to each other anymore? Why/why not?
2. What sounds do you enjoy? What sounds don't you enjoy? Why?
3. Which of the techniques mentioned in the talk do you think are good ideas? Do you think you might try any of them?
4. Have you ever thought of listening as something that important? Do you agree with Julian Treasure that listening should be taken seriously?

Exercise 4

Now you are going to listen some of the sounds and tell what feeling or thoughts you get while perception.

This is the sound of nature


This is the sound of a thunderstorm during a shower


That’s how Sun sounds


The sound of a plane


A celebrity walking towards the stage to achieve her award


Exercise 5

Discuss the quote

1. Do you agree or disagree with the quote?
2. How is it relevant to our topic?
3. Does it take much struggle for you to listen to the close ones?