Lesson 76 - Phrasal Verbs - Speaking(part3)


Exercise 1


Exercise 2

Answer the question

1) Do you often go shopping for personal items?
2) Do you enjoy shopping?
3) What do you dislike about shopping?
4) What products do you prefer to shop online for?
5) Do you enjoy shopping for other people?
6) Why do women seem to like going shopping more than men?
7) How do companies encourage the consumer to spend their money?
8) Do you know any tricks that supermarkets use to make people buy more?
9) What do you think shops need to do to create a positive shopping experience?
10) What will going shopping be like in 20 years from now?
11) Do you think it's a good idea to have no checkouts?
12) Do you think we will stop using paper money in the future?

Exercise 3

Discuss the pros and cons of online shopping

Exercise 4


Exercise 4

Explain the following words in English

Exercise 5

Describe the following pictures