Lesson 66 - Free time - Speaking(part3)


Exercise 1

To warm up please complete a fun exercise.
You will see some parts of creative pictures of one famous American photographer.
Your task is to guess what can be depicted in the rest of the picture. Describe your ideas and give the reasons why you think so.
Think out of the box and be creative.

Exercise 2

• Do you want to be famous? Why/why not?
• Who is the most person you know?
• What is the life of famous person like?

3 trues one lie about celebrities.
Your task now is to identify one dishonest fact about each celebrity’s life.


Exercise 2

Discuss some questions

• What movie star do you want to meet?
• What movie type is your favorite?
• Do you like to see a movie many times?
• Do you think action movies are bad for children?
• Which do you prefer, to watch movies or to read books?
• How much money do you spend when you go to movies?
• What do you prefer, animated movies or real movies?
• Do you like documentaries?
• Who is your favorite movie hero?
• Which movie has the best story? Tell me about it.
• Which horror movie is the scariest? Why?
• If they made a movie about your life, what kind of movie would it be?

Exercise 3

Exercise 4

Write the headline to the picture

Exercise 5

Read a headline and try to understand what articles are about. Discuss who/when/where/why etc.?

Exercise 6

Let’s talk about the news. Discuss some of the questions about the media.