Lesson 83 - Holiday - Grammar(part2)


Exercise 1

Put the verb given in brackets into the correct form:

1. We (to watch) TV at the moment.
2. Yesterday she (not to have) breakfast at the canteen.
3. The sun (to rise) in the east.
4. I (to be) busy at the beginning of last June. We (to have) our exams.
5. There are a lot of clouds! It (to rain) soon.
6. Aunt Betty (to talk) to the butcher in the kitchen yesterday.
7. Wait a minute, I (to carry) this bag for you.
8. Look! It (to rain), so we can't (to go) to the park.
9. We often (not to drink) coffee together.
10. Where (to be) Tom?
11. I (not go) to school yesterday because I (not be) very well.
12. He (to arrive) tomorrow morning?
13. What you (to do) at the moment? Can you (to help) me with my project?
14. She (not to go) to school next year. She (to be) only six.
15. There (to be) a heavy rain yesterday in Ukraine.
16. He (to write) a composition for his school English lesson yesterday?
17. You (to believe) the story he (to tell) yesterday?
18. What they (to do) now?

Exercise 2

Make the following sentences negative and interrogative:

1. I arrived at the airport early last night.
2. They will translate this text at the next lesson.
3. She is enjoying the party.
4. Yesterday we tried to fix our fence.
5. He eats his lunch at one o’clock.
6. I met my former classmate last month.
7. She will leave for Paris in 2020.
8. He got an excellent mark for his last answer.
9. They are at the seaside now.
10. The breakfast is always ready at 8 a.m.
11. She was hungry and tired after that long walk.
12. We are disappointed and want to stay alone for some time.
13. No one knew that lady. She was a complete stranger.
14. Christine writes excellent compositions for school.
15. They often interfere you during your work.
16. I never complain of anything.
17. Carpenters make things from wood.
18. Cows give milk.

Exercise 3


Exercise 4


Exercise 5

Translate each sentence into a proper language:

1. The birds will go to South in a couple of days.
2. Поторопись, я жду тебя!
3. Ранее он работал библтотекарем.
4. They didn’t have dinner with their relatives yesterday.
5. Они не приедут навестить нас. Они уехали!
6. Во сколько обычно темнеет в вашей стране ?
7. I will not go shopping today! I went shopping yesterday!
8. Every Sunday I used to call my grandmother!
9. Night after night he works in the garden in summer.
10. Will Stella watch TV tomorrow?
11. No one waited for him at home yesterday.
12. Я уверен, они проведут хорошо время в отпуске.