Lesson 5 - Daily routine - Vocabulary (Part 1)




Discuss these questions about yourself:

• What is the very first thing you do when you wake up?
• How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
• What are two places outside your home where you go every day?
• What type of drink do you have everyday?
• What leisure activity is part of your daily routine?

Exercise 1

Correct the mistakes in these sentences

1. I live by my own.
2. I usually go to the bed about midnight.
3. Most nights I sleep very quickly.
4. In the morning I have a shower and shave me.
5. I usually have the breakfast about 7.30.
6. After breakfast I clean the teeth.
7. I arrive to work about 8.30
8. After work I sometimes make the shopping.

Exercise 2


Exercise 3


Exercise 4


Exercise 5

Discuss the questions:

• Which is worse, the morning or evening rush hour?
• How are weekend mornings different from weekday mornings?
• What were mornings like in your house when you were a kid?
• What are some good habits that you have?
• How about your evening routine?
• What is something you do about once every month?