Lesson 69 - Money - Grammar(part2)


Exercise 1

Make the zero conditional type ( if Present Simple, Present Simple)

1) If I (wake up) late, I (be) late for work.
2) If my father (cook) , he (burn) the food.
3) If Julie (not/wear) a hat, she (get) sunstroke.
4) If children (not/eat) well, they (not/be) healthy.
5) If you (mix) water and electricity, you (get) a shock.
6) If people (eat) too many sweets, they (get) fat.
7) If children (play) outside, they (not/get) overweight.
8) If you (heat) ice, it (melt).
9) If I (speak) to John, he (get) annoyed.

Exercise 2

Use the first conditional type ( if Present Simple, will V1)

1) Lots of people (come) if Jenny (have) a party.
2) She (buy) expensive clothes if she (go) shopping.
3) My daughter (pass) her exams if she (work) hard.
4) David (be) sick if he (drink) milk.
5) The river (freeze) if it (be) very cold.
6) I (like) to visit the museums if I (be) in a new city.
7) I (cycle) to work if the weather (be) fine.

Exercise 3

Use the second conditional type ( if Past Simple, would V1)

1. What would you do if you suddenly (win) half a million pounds?
2. If he (get up) up earlier, he'd get to work on time.
3. If we (have) more time, I could tell you more about it.
4. If you (sell) more products, you (earn) more money.
5. I (can) help you if you (trust) me more.
6. His car (be) a lot safer if he (buy) some new tires.
7. The children could be better swimmers if the (go) swimming more frequently.
8. I (not mind) having children if we (live) in the country.
9. If I (be) you, I wouldn't worry about going to university.
10. If I (have) any money, I'd give you some.
11. Your parents (be) a lot happier if you (phone) them more often.

Exercise 4

Use the third conditional type ( if Past Perfect, would have V3)

1) If you (study) for the test, you (pass) it.
2) If you (ask) me, I (help) you.
3) If we (go) to the cinema, we (see) my friend Jacob.
4) If you (speak) English, she (understand) .
5) If they (listen) to me, we (be) home earlier.
6) I (write) you a postcard if I (have) your address.
7) If I (not / break) my leg, I (take part) in the contest.
8) If it (not/ start) to rain, we (walk) to the museum.
9) We (swim) in the sea if there (not / be) so many sharks there.
10) If she (not take) the bus, she (not / arrive) on time.

Exercise 5


Exercise 6

Transform the sentences using the second or third conditional type

1) I don't know his address. I can't contact him.
But if I his address, I him.

2) He was ill. He couldn't go skiing.
But if he ill, he skiing.

3) He didn't buy any tomatoes. I couldn't make a salad.
But if he some tomatoes, I a salad.

4) We haven't enough room in our house. You can't stay with us.
But if we enough room, you with us.

5) You were not lucky. You didn't win.
But if you lucky, you .

6) I am eighteen. I can vote.
But if eighteen, I .