Lesson 71 - Pronouns - Grammar(part2)


Exercise 1


Exercise 2

Put the verbs into the correct form using the necessary type of conditionals

1. If I (finish) early, I will call you.
2. I (catch) the 9:00 train if I hurry up .
3. She will know the answer, if she (try) to understand.
4. If I (be) a star, I would help the needy.
5. He (buy) a house if he had a job.
6. She (be) happy, if she married him .
7. If he (be) careful, he would not have had that terrible accident.
8. I (pass) the exam if I had worked hard .
9. Her father would not have died, if he (go) to the doctor.

Exercise 3


Exercise 4

Put the verbs into the correct form

1. Bruce wishes he (have) more money so he could buy a new sweater.
2. I wish I (be) taller so that I could be in the basketball team.
3. I wish you (stop) watching television while I am talking to you.
4. I wish you (do) that. It annoys me.
5. I wish the holidays (come) so we could go off to the seaside.
6. Of course Tom wishes he (come) with us to Paris, but he has to stay here.
7. I wish we (go) to the match on Saturday but we're visiting my uncle.
8. I wish you (keep) your mouth shut yesterday. Now Mary knows.
9. If only I (lose) all my money. Now I'm broke.
10. Peter is always late. If only he (turn up) on time for a change!

Exercise 5