Lesson 71 - Pronouns - Reading(part3)


Exercise 1


Exercise 2


Exercise 3

Discuss these questions.

1. What is this article about?
2. What should you do if you overspend your budget?
3. Why is it better to pay with cash instead of with bank or credit cards?
4. Why should you keep a record of your spending?
5. Which tip do you think is the best tip? Why?
6. Can you think of any other ways to save money

Exercise 4

What is the best thing to do with money? Rank these ideas from best (1) to worst (8). Discuss these questions.

- buy gold
- hide it under the bed
- give it to charity
- spend it all
- save it for a rainy day
- give it to your children
- wallpaper your room with it
- not worry about it